Note To You Little Sister

Everything your big sister should have told you.

Big Sister & Founder, Jennifer Kennedy & Little Sister & Creative Director,  Kelly Wood

Big Sister & Founder, Jennifer Kennedy & Little Sister & Creative Director, Kelly Wood

NTYLS is that one friend you turn to for advice, but never actually want to hear it from.  She's going to tell you the truth – and you love her for it, but you also want to slap the b*&ch sometimes. We’re the anti-experts and we couldn't be prouder. No therapists, doctors, or life coaches, just real girls who have been through all this before. No fluff. No filter.  

In 2010, entrepreneur and marketing professional Jennifer Kennedy was inspired by the questionable dating history of her polar opposite little sister to start the popular blog - Note to You Little Sister (NTYLS). The blog was an account of all the crazy dating scenarios her wildly talented photographer sister found herself in, and the sisterly advice she gave her to help navigate through the difficult landscape that is modern dating.

Above all else, she felt passionately that women deserved something better than cheesy magazines that give out cookie cutter, generic advice, and that big sisters owed it to their little sisters to tell them straight. After all, big sisters have been there before…and of course, know best. So to the surprise of our founder, people took note of her tough love brand of sisterly advice and started reaching out asking for her advice on their own love dilemmas.



We are Note to You Little Sister. A forward thinking online fashion brand, inspired by our friends, customers, influencers, and sisters everywhere. We are bold, inspired, and fiercely committed to empowering women and leaving a positive mark on the world.

NTYLS is an online fashion destination that celebrates all that is the modern girl! With a quality collection of the biggest trends, our team bucks the fashion industry by making our clothes affordable and awesome. We believe all girls should be able to have pretty stuff. Most importantly, we make clothes for the dreamers, the girls that do things their own way, the chicks that stand out in a crowd.

We do things our own way… just like you.