Note To You Little Sister

Q: Am I settling with the ugly guy?

Dating, Love + DatingJen

 Q: I started dating this guy that I met through a mutual friend. He’s smart, caring, motivated, genuine and an all-around amazing guy. The only downside is that he’s not that attractive compared to other guys I’ve dated in the past. I’m 25 and feel like I need to start settling down. What should I do… move on or keep dating him? 25, Florida

A: Sounds like you have a great guy on your hands. As you start getting old, you’re going to come across these guys even more. It’s different that being 18-23 where you’re young, having fun and you want to date the hottest guy to show off to all your friends. Most of the time the hottest guys aren’t always the greatest guys and all they have working for them is their looks. And guess what, as you get older, looks fade!

The type of guy you want in your future is all the qualities you listed in your question. Those are going to last forever and get even better. I tell all my friends that they shouldn’t pass on a guy because of his looks. I mean if you can’t even stand looking at him, then yes, move on. But if it’s his haircut, light yellow teeth, a couple pimples, those are all these that can get fixed. If he’s got 85% of the qualities you’re looking for in a guy, take it! Because if you keep dating and maybe even fall for him, you’re going to think he’s the hottest guy no matter what. That’s the best thing about dating and falling in love. The guy gets hotter just because of how strong your feelings grow for him. Not his looks.. so take the risk and see what happens.