Note To You Little Sister


FASHION BLOGGERS + BOSS LADIES: Get to Know the Brains (and Beauty) Behind CUPPAJYO


We here at NTYLS have been obsessed with the fabulous San Francisco Bay Area Blogger Jyotsna Shankar of CUPPAJYO.COM for months now, and recently were so lucky to hear from her about her inspiration behind the site, her guilty pleasures and she even tells us what Cuppajyo stands for!

Tell us what inspired you to start Cuppajyo?
I started Cuppajyo in December 2013 as an online diary/journal to share with the world whatever inspired me in fashion, beauty, fitness, etc. As I went through this blogging journey, I realized that I wanted to focus on one aspect of it and eventually settled on a niche for Cuppajyo – it is now primarily a personal style blog with occasional beauty and lifestyle posts.

As cliché as this might sound – I have been passionate about fashion for the longest time.  I enjoy living life one outfit at a time. The most fun part of my day is always the time when I decide my outfit for the next day! Not only do I love to play dress up myself, but it gives me immense joy to help others out and inspire them with my two cents of styling tips.  All this ultimately made me decide to start my own blog and it has been an incredible experience so far!

How would someone describe your style? I definitely tend to gravitate towards more feminine styles. But I am very adventurous and open to try out different style genres. It all depends on what I am in the mood for!

How did you come up the name Cuppajyo?I wanted to keep my blog name short and sweet, yet personal. Everyone calls me Jyo (pronounced like plain ol “Joe”) which is why I played around the cuppajoe phrase to make it “Cuppajyo” literally meaning a cup of Jyo- your daily cuppa’ style inspo! ;)

Ok, now the rapid fire Q&A round!

What sister are you? I am the older sister. I have a sister 10 years younger than me J.

What advice would you give your younger self? The no 1 advice I would give my younger self is to follow your dream/passion and not be afraid to take the bold step in doing so! I completely switched careers recently and I am so glad I did it finally. But at the same time I also wish I had the guts to have done it much earlier in my life.

When someone tells you “NO” you…. Depends on what they’re telling me “No” for ;). If it’s a pair of shoes – then there goes a Jyo tantrum haha! Just kidding! But yeah, I guess it depends on what the issue is. If its not too important it dosen’t bother me. But if its something I really wanted, then I would think about why he/she told me NO and judge for myself if it was reasonable or not.

Three things you can’t live without (family doesn’t count)… So other than family, the 3 things I cant live without – my phone, coffee and my favorite lipstick!

Your guilty pleasure is…. Anything with dark Chocolate and of course deeming retail therapy as a cure to anything! ;)