Note To You Little Sister


Q: My boyfriend still talks to his ex. I hate it, but he’s like “we’re just friends” – what should I do?

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You should tell him it’s stupid that he still talks to his ex.  Then you should find her and tell her to knock that shit off - 28, Savannah GA

Ok, for those who are a little less…um…assertive (lol)? Let’s try this…

He shouldn’t talk to his ex. You know that, he knows that, we all know that. This worldy crap that exes can be friends is nonsense. In case you weren’t sure let me be suppppperr clear – EXES CAN’T BE FRIENDS. UGH, it’s an idea dreamed up by people that are still hung up on their exes.

So it’s super simple. Don’t over think it my love, just tell him straight – “I don’t like you talking to your ex. It hurts my feelings and makes me feel insecure”.  Unless he’s a total jerk, he’ll understand where you’re coming from. AND if he doesn’t, then screw ‘em – he’s not someone you want to date.

People only talk to their exes if they have something they want to say to them that they can’t say to you. Why your boyfriend needs to say something to another woman instead of you I’ll never understand.

It’s like a super simple premise – if he chooses talking to his ex over your feelings and wishes, then you shouldn’t date him. EVEN if he really, really, really wants to talk to his ex cause she’s like a saint or something – he SHOULDN’T if it bothers you.

The past is the past for a reason.

♥ J

Q: "My bf and I just broke up, but he keeps calling me - and we still hook up

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"My bf and I just broke up, but he keeps calling me - and we still hook up. I feel like he wants to get back together with me, but when I suggest it, he says 'he needs time' I have no idea what to think"

During a break-up, usually one person doesn’t want the relationship to end, and I think this be you this time my love. You're vulnerable and because of that are more inclined to believe your ex's motivations are out of love, but it just might be comfort or loneliness.

Q: Am I Crazy to Date a Mama's Boy

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I'm dating this guy who I thought was pretty much perfect - except for the fact that he's a massive mama's boy. His mom is always in our business, and is crazy and manipulative. No one will ever be good enough for her little boy. I can't deal with it anymore. Any last ditch advice before I kick his ass to the curb? 

A. There is something truly creepy about a mama's boy. Like. Truly creepy. Besides conjuring up some weird oedipus complex reference, there is also the blatant truth that no woman wants to (or should) play second fiddle to some dude's crazy overbearing mom. But before you send him on his way, make sure you're not confusing a mama's boy for just someone who is nice to his mom. A man who treats his mother with kindness and respect is something to be appreciated and typically it's a good sign of how he'll treat you. But, like most things with men, there is a fine line between normal & creepy.