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Q: Should I Lie About How I Met My BF Online?

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Q: I like to pride myself as someone who would NEVER online date, but secretly recently just started and met someone I REALLY like. We've been dating for 3 months and he's meeting my friends for the first time this weekend - should we tell them how we really met? Or make up a fairy tale romance? - Michelle, Los Angeles

Who says an online romance can’t be a fairy tale romance, too? Cinderella probably would have met Prince Charming online, if she’d lived in 2015 (Cinderella was a busy working woman with no time for bar-hopping, and I bet Prince Charming would have had a decent-looking profile picture). I say you should own that shit and tell your friends how your fairy tale really went!

I know you might not be comfortable sharing that you met online, and you probably want to avoid raising eyebrows when you introduce your new guy. I get it. But in my opinion, meeting someone online is NBD—it’s basically the same thing as meeting someone in a bar. Or, you know, at a ball, in a fairy tale romance scenario. The only difference is that we’re living in a wonderful era in which we can find love in new ways, with the added convenience of browsing potential Prince Charmings and potential Netflix shows at the same time. Talk about fairy tale magic!

In any case, it sounds like you’ve met someone that has potential to be a keeper. Will you really want to lie forever about how you both met? It’s up to you whether you want to fudge the details, because in the end, what matters is that you’re together now and have an awesome new relationship. But this love story is yours, and you deserve to tell it. If anything, your friends will probably want to try online dating themselves after they see how it worked out for you (if they haven’t secretly already)!


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