Note To You Little Sister

Q: Should I bring a gift for my BF's mom on Thanksgiving since she's hosting dinner at her house?

Dating, LifeJen

31, Salt Lake City UT

A: Whether you're meeting your BF's mom for the first time, or coming over for a more formal dinner than normal, it's always best to bring something! My rule of thumb is to never show up to a party empty handed: and as cute as your hand bag is, that doesn't count ;)

Here are a few suggestions on what to bring:

  • Food - Thanksgiving is a time for family, sharing, and eating; so whether it's a side or dessert, contributing to this epic feast is always a good idea! Have a recipe you're dying to try or want to impress with a family favorite? Here's your chance. If you're in need of ideas on what to make, contact your friend Pinterest who never disappoints (here's a favorite from good ol' Martha) Don't have time to cook? Pick up dessert from your favorite bakery or local grocery store.
  • Beverage - If cooking really isn't your thing, who's ever met a free drink they didn't love?  Find out if she's a wine drinker; and bring her favorite, or if she really doesn't drink alcohol (gasp) sparkling cider is always a good choice too, especially if there will be kids at the party.
  • Flowers - are always a good idea. Sunflowers are a great Fall flower, are inexpensive, and actually symbolize happiness! Not only will they brighten her day, other guests will benefit from a pretty centerpiece too. Want to go a step further? Stop by your local craft store and grab a pretty vase to throw those fresh blooms in. You've just taken thoughtful to the next level.

And if all else fails, offer to take her Black Friday shopping if you're up for the challenge. The best gift, is the gift of time which doesn't cost a dime, but is so much more meaningful. If you can swing it, it's a sure way to make her smile, and allow your BF to sleep in for a few extra hours ;)

Cheers to extra brownie points…as if you needed anymore... and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.