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Q: Not sure I can pull of the romper trend, but I want to...whatcha think?

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Q: I love the romper trend, but I’m scared to try it in public because think I’m too short to look good in them. Should I even bother?

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Pssh. Girl. Who’s to say you can’t make it work? Don’t sell yourself short (pun totally intended, sorry, carry on).

While I will admit that different trends aren’t for everyone—as much as I’d love to wear boyfriend jeans, they just don’t look right on me—I’m never one to say you should back down from a challenge, especially a style-related one. If you like a trend, you need to just go for it and play around with styling it for yourself (with rompers, it helps to add a long necklace or a kimono…or wedges, if you’re really truly worried about your length). There isn’t a magical size, shape, or height that is perfect for any style—it’s all about attitude. I mean, I’m 5’8, and people tell me I shouldn’t wear those outrageous Gaga-esque heels when I go out, so I can look less like a giant compared to the average guy. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up on trying them. Please. No man is worth the sacrifice when it comes to killer footwear.

My point is, wear what you want to wear, or at least give it a shot, because you can’t knock it until you try it. There’s no reward without risk, and since when is style about not taking risks? If anyone tells you differently, don’t let him or her burst your bubble just because they have a stupid different opinion. Even if you end up deciding that the trend really isn’t for you, you can say you damn well tried. So put on that romper you’ve been carrying around the store, and whatever else you’ve been dying to try. I bet you’ll rock it.

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