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Q: My boyfriend is a cheater. Am I crazy to date him still?

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Q: My boyfriend has cheated on ALL his exes. My friends think I’m insane for dating him and should leave him, but I sort of think it’s out of his system. Is the whole once a cheater always a cheater thing real or could he be reformed? ~ 23, Arizona

A: That whole “once a cheater always a cheater” has it’s truths but people do change, that’s also true. At that point, the decision is up to you. Taking a risk (that’s high) at getting your heart broken or moving on in hopes you’ll stumble across something better and something more stable. I mean, that’s what you do in every day life, this is the same scenario. Use your intuition, study the facts and get to know the person and always remember, this isn’t a race - you don’t need to rush this decision just make sure you stick to it once you make one. Showing your ability to stick to your word when you’re trusting that he will do the same is a big deal. He is just as deserving of trust as you are. If you're all in, be all in. Don't half ass it, whole ass it.

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