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Q: What to do with my Party Girl Friend?

Friends, FFMJen

Q: My friend is so much fun and goes partying every night. I love going out too, but sometimes she pressures me into going out when I have other things I want/need to do, and lately she has been getting pissed at me because I haven’t been able to hit the bars as much. How do I tell her I can’t go out all the time, without upsetting her?

I have a friend exactly like yours—she’s the life of the party and always up for anything, no matter what night it is, which is why I love her. But she also guilt-trips me all the time into coming with her on her crazy clubbing adventures, which sounds like what your friend is doing. It’s likely she’s pressuring you to go out because she wants to hang with you, so try suggesting an alternative like having a chill movie night (make it a wine night if you’d like!) or picking up an activity together like Zumba or trying trendy new restaurants.

If she’s dead-set on the party scene, you’ll have to just tell her straight up that you can’t be raging every night (even though sometimes you wish you could). You have other things in your life—work obligations, other activities, other friends, guys, hobbies, whatever—and she needs to understand that. If she truly values your friendship, I can guarantee she will still love you, even if you just have to be with her in spirit when she decides to hit up Tequila Tuesday.