Note To You Little Sister

Q: My boyfriend came clean he cheated on me. I have no clue what to do, help!

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My boyfriend of 8 months came clean today that he cheated on me. I have no clue what to do, help! ~20, Seattle

I'm sorry babe; this is really shitty. I know today your world feels turned upside down right now, but at the risk of sounding dismissive or clique - I promise it's going to get better. But before it can,  you need to break-up with that cheating loser.

Maybe if you were together for years and years, I would tell you differently (though I have a pretty firm "F Off" policy when it comes to cheating), but you're young and have barely been together for less than a year. If there is anytime in a relationship where two people should be obsessed with each other, it's within the first year, and if he's cheating now, well there's a slim chance this will ever be a successful relationship. You have plenty of time to find someone who is worthy and going to respect you, no need to waste your energy on someone who isn't deserving,
Just tell him you deserve better, and be done. No dragging it out for dramatic effect either! Just pull off the band-aid and move on to your next hottie. Your future husband will be so pissed if you waste anymore time on this loser.