Note To You Little Sister



Name:  Amanda Sanchez

Town: Salt Lake City, UT

Tell us all about Little Miss Fearless! We're obsessed. 
Little Miss Fearless is a personal style blog featuring posts about fashion and fitness with occasional beauty + hair tutorials, and motivational pick-me-uppers. At the core, Little Miss Fearless is place for women to find confidence, motivation to accept their imperfections, and inspiration to face their fears.

What inspired you to start your blog?
The very fear that I couldn’t do it and be successful at it is what forced me to give fashion blogging a try. It has been a fun journey and an eye-opening experience. I have learned the importance of self-acceptance and overcoming challenges that ultimately always come from the fear to try. 

How would someone describe your style?
Classic and colorful with a trendy-casual vibe.

How did you come up with the name of your blog? Any special meaning?
The short answer: I wanted to share my unique view on fashion and was afraid of how I would be perceived, especially by those close to me. It’s one thing to be considered a stylish dresser, but when you put yourself out there (and promote yourself, which you have to do to grow your blog), there’s an awkward balance between trying not to convey vanity (with which fashion is often associated) and trying to convey a genuine go-getter image that inspires others to face their fears and follow their dreams. My blog name keeps me true to who I am and reminds me to live a life (even a fashion blogging life) of substance. I always try to bring substance to my blog posts and recently started a Self Talk series where I share thoughts and tips about confidence, gaining a positive self-image and other self-improvement topics that go beyond appearance. I try not to take myself too seriously, but I love to connect with people in real, meaningful ways.