Note To You Little Sister

Fashion Bloggers + Boss Ladies: Lauryncakes by Lauryn Hock


We got to know more about up-and-coming beauty and fashion blogger Lauryn Hock from Lauryncakes, and hear all about her inspiration to start the blog, her personal style and the worst date she ever went on (it's a good one!).

NTYLS: Tell us all about Lauryncakes babe...

LAURYN: Lauryncakes is a beauty and fashion blog filled with stories of my everyday thoughts. I like to try and connect my outfit inspiration to ideas that happen in my life. The hope is that my readers will find outfit ideas and beauty hacks to make life a little more pretty.

NTYLS: What inspired you to start your blog?

LAURYN: I originally started my blog after I had surgery last year. I spent a lot of time in bed, and one day thought that I should start an online journal. I found over time that I was following so many inspirational women in fashion blogging. Fashion has always been prevalent in my life, and outfit creation has been a daily project for me. Suddenly, I found myself making the blog into a fashion and beauty blog, and the rest is history.

NTYLS: How would someone describe your style?

LAURYN: I would say my style is a little bit bold mixed with trendy. I like to show authority and put-togetherness through my outfits. At the same time, I am always shopping and staying up with the latest trends is important to me. I believe in looking your best wherever you go and feel that you can convey your confidence through the way you dress.

Where did you come up with the name Lauryncakes? It sounds yummy, ha!

LAURYN: My blog name is Lauryncakes, which is actually a nickname of mine. I have had many nicknames, but Lauryncakes is what my family calls me. It is nearest and dearest to my heart and evokes feelings of warmth and happiness for me when I am called that.

NTYLS: Aww, that's super cute! Love that. Now time for the lightening round. Starting with, what sister are you?

What sister are you?
Big Sister

What advice would you give your younger self?
Don’t worry about what people think. Being yourself gets you the farthest in life, so be original and the rest will come.

Worst date you ever had was…
I went on a date with a guy who had heard I like climbing. He had never been, but he planned a double date up the canyon to go climbing. It was all fine and great until he struggled up the rock. He was embarrassed, I felt embarrassed because he was embarrassed, and to make matters worse, I had just killed it going up the side. We went back to his place, where he made spaghetti for us. He had just spent the last two years in Africa and had an affinity to really hot sauce because of his familiarity with African spices. We aren’t talking about burn your tongue hot, but the type of hot that doesn’t hit you until the back of your mouth, that you can feel in your nose, and makes your eyes water. Needless to say, my nose was a faucet the entire dinner. To top it off, he was an extremely intelligent guy, so he talked about so many opinions I had no idea how to converse on. It was a pretty awkward date, to say the least.

When someone tells you “NO” you….
Always ask why. Then, always try again later.

Three things you can’t live without (family doesn’t count)…
Dogs, diet coke, and blankets!

Your guilty pleasure is….
My guilty pleasure is Netflix on a dark night in bed. Ever since I was young, I have gotten a nostalgic feeling when I driving by windows that are lit up by a television at night. Something is so cozy about movies in a dark room cuddled up with a significant other!