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Q: What to do with my Party Girl Friend?

Friends, FFMJen

Q: My friend is so much fun and goes partying every night. I love going out too, but sometimes she pressures me into going out when I have other things I want/need to do, and lately she has been getting pissed at me because I haven’t been able to hit the bars as much. How do I tell her I can’t go out all the time, without upsetting her?

Q: My friend has gotten all into drugs, what should I do?

Friends, FFMJen

Q: One of my best friends from my childhood has started going down the wrong path. She used to be such a good girl and have her head on her shoulder and now she is starting to hang out with the wrong people and do drugs. It’s really changing her personality and I feel like our friendship is fading away because of it. I haven’t said anything to her yet because I just don’t know what to do… How should I let her know it’s bothering me and affecting our friendship?

Unfortunately at some point, most girls come into contact with drugs. It’s how you deal with it that matters. Your friend was one of those that has fallen into the trap of drugs and probably doesn’t realize what it’s doing to your friendship but most importantly herself. The best thing you can do is have a girls night and bring it up to her in a nice way. Definitely don’t be aggressive about it or accuse her of anything up front.

Q: I have one really high maintenance friend. She just is so demanding, how do I tell her to chill?

Friends, FFMJen
Guest Contributor @girrlscout

Q: I have one really really high maintenance friend. She just is so demanding and I'm just not sure I can deal with her anymore! She wants to hang out all the time, and gets mad if I don't make plans with her.  If I don't call her back she freaks, if we're texting she calls me and gets mad when I don't answer. How do I tell her I need her to chill or I can't be friends with her anymore?

A: Me, I would tell her straight up, just like that. “You need to chill out or I can’t do this anymore.” I can’t stand friends like that, people up your ass. I dated somebody that was like that although to the tenth degree, overly attached and controlling - it’s the worst feeling. A friend should never make you feel guilty for having a life and OTHER friends. I would encourage her/him to hangout with their other friends and fill their time with other hobbies. Take a break. This doesn’t mean the whole friendship goes down the drain but 'holy shit something needs to change.' Some people don’t learn lessons until someone spells it out for them, it’s not a bad thing, it’s just a higher risk. You can't control other people, you can only control yourself and hope for the best. :)