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Fashion Blogger + Boss Ladies: Melody Joy Designs


We're often inspired by female entrepreneurs, but when we had a change to connect with Melody Munn of Warner Robins, GA, we found her to be exceptionally cool. Bouncing out of a boring 9-5 to start her own design firm is just the beginning. Thanks to her "basic/edgy" style she also has a popular blog chronicling her incredible fashion sense, daily life, and talented design work. More importantly, in what can be a shallow world of social media, Melody was one of the nicest chicks we've ever had the pleasure of talking to. Cheers to you Melody, you've got a fan in us!

Tell us all about Melody Joy Designs. What inspired you to start your own business?

After graduating with my Marketing degree, and then nine months of being at a 9-5 job I realized that I was meant for so much more than just a simple desk job. I needed to have the creativity of travel, exploring new cities and coffee shops to keep my motivation up, and to continue to give me daily inspiration to design. Starting my own business was a risk and adventure, and I am still on the journey of growth, but I wouldn’t change my life at all! I love it!

You’re a design expert that has her own business, but you also have a love for fashion. Do those two things go pretty hand and hand in your world?  

Oh yes! I have actually started designing cases as an artist at and I am always thinking of what case would look the best with the majority of my outfits or my clients outfits! I love chic, clean and fresh!

So, how would someone describe your style?

My style could be described as basic/edgy. I love wearing basic pieces, or layering them together in a way that is more nuanced than someone who has too much going on with their outfit.I would rather blend within the European villages, like Howorth or Edinburgh, Scotland (some of my favorite places we have visited) than the Target community (there is nothing wrong with Target, I am just referencing how colorful it is in there.) Haha!  

Having your own business is a roller coaster. What keeps you going?

I wake up every day and ask God to give me the motivation, energy, and clarity for what to work on each day. Most days I wake up without an idea of what I am going to do that day, then after devos I just start working on one thing...and then one after that....other things will just come to me to design, or I'll get an inspiration for an Instagram image. And the next thing you know, it’s 5pm. Which is the time I usually try to work until, but most days I can’t stop working and find myself marketing or designing into the night. Once the ideas start flowing it’s hard to stop! :)

Ok, lightening round to help everyone get to know you better!

What sister are you? (Big Sister, Middle Sister, Little Sister, Only Sister)
Little Sister

What advice would you give your younger self? Don’t let boys distract you.

Worst date you ever had was…
When they ask you to pay for yourself, but then again, I guess most would not call that a date, but a “hang out with a friend” haha

When someone tells you “NO” you….  Keep trying if it is that important to me.

Three things you can’t live without (family doesn’t count)…
My friends, My computer, Bacon(Yes. even, over coffee)

Your guilty pleasure is…. Archie Comics + The Bachelor