Note To You Little Sister

5 Fast Fixes for Fashion Emergencies

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Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do our sticky boobs decide to abandon ship when we’re on the dance floor? We’ll never know, but we do know that wardrobe malfunctions happen to the best of us at the worst of times.  It’s a good idea to carry a sewing kit and Tide-To-Go with you at all times, but let’s face it, sometimes we can only fit a lipstick and a phone into the cute little clutch we want to carry. But with some resourcefulness, you can find fixes for a lot of mishaps. Here are a few of my favorites:

Problem: My dress strap broke and my life is over.

This classic one happened to me on my senior prom night. I know, typical prom nightmare. Chances are, you and your friends probably don’t have sewing stuff or even safety pins (or at least, mine didn’t), so try using an earring as a temporary pin. Plan B: pull a Project Runway and redesign your dress by using the surviving strap as a halter.

Problem: Yep, my sticky boobs fell off.

Stick on some Band-Aids. I’m serious. This is my best friend’s favorite trick for when her sticky boobs make their escape and she needs backup support. So now I keep Band-Aids in my purse for blisters and boob emergencies, and they work like a charm for both.

Problem: My button popped off. Probs shouldn’t have eaten that last donut.

It’s not a party until something breaks, which in your case might be a button. When this happened to one of my friends’ jeans, we actually used a key ring by looping it through the buttonhole and securing it. Genius. Not the prettiest solution, but it works in a pinch.

Problem: My skirt is all wrinkled and using an iron is definitely not an option.

Hair straightener. Done.

Problem: My zipper got stuck.

Zippers suck. I use the soap or pencil technique: whichever you have, rub it on both sides of the zipper to help loosen it up and get it un-stuck. For whatever reason, pencil graphite works wonders. Also, if your zipper pull breaks, use a paper clip or safety pin.