Note To You Little Sister

Ladies, appreciate a good man! (before it's too late)

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With so many stupid, lying, want-to-be players out there it's sometimes hard to appreciate a good man when you see one. For every dude that thinks it's acceptable to wear Ed Hardy, there's another man who will open the door for you. For every player that slept with your friend, there's a great man who will remember your favorite flowers. It's the reality of the world - there's good and evil, happy and sad, amazing and douchey. But ladies, when you find that perfect man who isn't going to "Tiger Woods" it up all over town - appreciate him.  Many women tend to let the spark (or "sparkle" to reference Mrs. Carrie Bradshaw) disappear from their relationships when they've been together for a while. Do not let this happen! People stray when they’re unhappy and the ugly truth is, this can be avoided in truly solid relationships. Even if he doesn’t cheat, a growing distance in a relationship tells you there’s something wrong. Let me start by saying – men are not without fault, but right now we’re going to focus on what we as women can do to ensure our relationships stay shiny and new.

First off, there is something crazy in our DNA that programs us to get naggy once we start to feel comfortable. I have sworn all my life I’d never do this, and hell it’s a daily struggle. Nagging about the groceries, their driving, how they do things, how they don’t do things…. it all takes a toll. Save the bitching ladies for when it matters!

Let men be men! Have you ever seen those guys at the mall, following behind their wives, carrying their purses, looking like they’ve been beaten down by life? How is that sexy girls? Why would you want that sleeping next to you every night? Though women today are incredibly independent, strong and all together awesome - Don’t be emasculating. Let him open the freaking jar every now and then.

Don’t lose the passion. You might be tried, have work to do, or really just aren’t in the mood but once the sex starts to fade trouble is on the horizon. You won’t be happy and he won’t be happy, so hit up VS and make sure your love life is kept a priority. 

Finally Lil' Sister, some tough love – If you let yourself go, your significant other will notice. Men are incredibly visual creatures - it's that simple. Would you be attracted to your boyfriend if he gained 40 lbs and started wearing Crocs? You’d still love him, but I doubt you’d be ripping his clothes off. It's not about a certain weight or a certain hair color - it's about the effort.  You don't have to be Megan Fox or Beyonce, but change out of the sweats, brush your hair and look hot for your man.

Women are super heroes with all that we take on nowadays, but if you want to have a long, happy relationship it takes work in many areas. There’s nothing wrong with making the effort and treating your man well. Now...ask me to have dinner ready every night and see what happens!

Big Sis'