Note To You Little Sister

11 Reasons Girls Like "Bad Boys" but Shouldn't.


Ladies, it's such a cliche...we love those bad boys! It might be fun for very short period of time, but the reality is - dating a bad boy sucks.

So, Good Boys PAY ATTENTION! He's what we like in those illusive men...

  1. His Swagger. Bad Boys have confidence! They act like the big man in the room, and girls eat that nonsense up! Look. It's the basic laws of nature, we want the strongest, fastest, toughest mate in the pack. BUT ladies, you'll always be secondary to the spot-light - and baby, you deserve to be the center of attention.
  2. The "I'm With The Band" Syndrome. Ya Ya...It's hot to date a boy in a band while they're on stage, but TRUST US when we's not hot when you're bailing them out of jail. If you must date a rock-star, stick with the nice emo kids who LOVE to be in love or maybe a Country singer - oh, and avoid the drummers like the plague!
  3. We Can't Commit. Sometimes it's easy to date the "undateable" if you're not ready to commit yourself. 
  4. He's GREAT in Bed. Bad Boys tend to have sex with reckless abandon...sure it's fun, passionate and crazy - but three traits he has you want in a husband?! That's what we thought.
  5. Sticking it to our Families. Okay, we all have family issues - but dating a jerk to spite your father will never help! Make peace with Daddy and move on.
  6. We Feel Sexy when we're with him. He's sexual, unpredictable and passionate. He obsesses over you for a short period of time, and you feel like a queen. BUT...Once his interest wanes, you'll come crashing off that high...alone.
  7. His Spontaneity. Good boys have this too, don't let them fool you. Ladies, this isn't a unique trait to the bad ones (though we like to think it is).
  8. We Relish the Drama. Admit like the chaos. The fights, make-up sex, constant drama.. it can be addicting, but this does not a lasting relationship make. If you get a rush when you're "leaving him" for the 10th time, it's time to ask yourself what you're hiding from.
  9. The Other Girls. Ah... Bad Boys love their groupies and you love being the #1 girl. WHO CARES?! Would you really allow yourself to be treated poorly just to spite the other ladies? If other girls are dying to be with that a$$, let them...
  10. Walk on the Wild Side. You've always done what you're told...Got good grades, went to church, volunteered for charities and this guy gives you a glimpse of the "other side." Oh PLEASE!! The real "other side" isn't just flaking on parking tickets....hum, restraining orders, drunk tanks, and baby hot right?
  11. He's a Project. Every girl thinks they can convert a bad boy. Hey and sometimes you can. But, the reality is you can't make a whore into housewife unless he wants it himself.

The good news is, every girl should date one mildly "bad boy" at some point in their lives (we stress MILDLY). But only when you're young and NEVER someone you should marry or God forbid have children with. You'll learn how to be spontaneous, free spirited and fun. These traits will stick with you for life...and hell you can even teach them to the good guy you end up with!