Note To You Little Sister

Really, He's Not Into You: The 10 Signs your Avoiding, but Shouldn't.


Men are not very complicated - and we don't say that in a negative way. It's fantastic! Minimal drama, zero hassle, and no games (IF you're paying attention). What you see is what you get with them - SO! Why do we avoid the signs men give us when it comes to dating?

Ladies, don't just see what you want to see. Here's the truth.
If he does any of the following, he doesn't want to date you:

  1. He ONLY text messages you. Look! It's easier to text, email and Facebook (we get that) - but when you're getting to know someone, you've got to talk directly to really build the relationship. If a man mainly texts you, it's because he doesn't care enough to put in work to call.
  2. He's "Always" busy. Unless he's the President of the United States, he can not possibly be busy all the time! If he says he's too busy to see you...what he means is: "I don't want to see you". If he cared enough, he'd find time.
  3. You've stopped having sex. If you've always had a great sex life, and it suddenly stops - he's over it (or he's finding it elsewhere). No man willingly gives up sex.
  4. He only sees you when it's convenient for him. Ever notice that you only do things on HIS schedule? That's because you're not a priority to him. You shouldn't be an afterthought, move on.
  5. He won't make plans in advance; everything is spur of the moment.This is just incase something better comes up....really? Do you want to be Plan B?
  6. He's flakey. If he can't keep his word or a date, he doesn't want to be your boyfriend.
  7. You've been dating for more than 3 months and he introduces you as a "friend." This is the sad and obvious one ladies, you're better then this.
  8. He's not willing to stop talking to exes. If you find that he's "friends" with a bunch of exes, it means he hasn't moved on. Until he's willing to put you above all other ladies, things will never move forward.
  9. When he goes on trips with friends he never invites you. A bunch of friends are headed to Vegas for the weekend, but you're not invited?! It's because he doesn't consider you apart of his inner circle and probably never will.
  10. He's rude, judgmental or condescending. This is the CLEAREST sign a man isn't into you!! If he's mean, judgy or rude - he doesn't care about you.  A man that cares will be sweet, charming and witty. There's a big difference between being playful and being an ass. Don't ignore this one ladies, this will save you precious time.