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Q: Am I Crazy to Date a Mama's Boy

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I'm dating this guy who I thought was pretty much perfect - except for the fact that he's a massive mama's boy. His mom is always in our business, and is crazy and manipulative. No one will ever be good enough for her little boy. I can't deal with it anymore. Any last ditch advice before I kick his ass to the curb?
There is something truly creepy about a mama's boy. Like. Truly creepy. Besides conjuring up some weird Oedipus complex reference, there is also the blatant truth that no woman wants to (or should) play second fiddle to some dude's crazy overbearing mom. But before you send him on his way, make sure you're not confusing a mama's boy for just someone who is nice to his mom. A man who treats his mother with kindness and respect is something to be appreciated and typically it's a good sign of how he'll treat you. But, like most things with men, there is a fine line between normal & creepy.  

Aside from the obvious issue of having some lady constantly meddling in your lives, mama's boys are often driven to fulfill their mother's every wish, even the most unreasonable that involve you. 

Having been babied their whole lives, these guys are more little boy than grown man

If your sig hasn't cut the cord by now, you basically have three options: 

Dump him. 
This one is pretty clear. If you need to walk, walk. You don't owe him anything. 

Stand up to her. 
You're not just a bystander in all this. If you feel like his mother is over stepping her boundaries, say something. It doesn't have to be dramatic, just let her know that her actions are making you uncomfortable. More importantly, let her know that her behaviors are making you seriously question the standing of your relationship with her precious little boy. At the end of the day, even the most overbearing mother just wants her son to be happy, and by letting her know that her behavior could be jeopardizing his happiness should cause her to reflect on her crazy ass behavior.

He talks to his mom. 
By far the most effective thing your sig can do is to ask his mom to back off. Now, this is also by far the hardest thing for a real mama's boy to do. While he can still show equal love and respect to you and his mother, he needs to just man up and ask his mom to back off. Chances are his mother thinks no other woman will ever be good enough for him, so your sig will need to explain to dear ol' mommy why you're special - and why she's messing it up. Most importantly, he needs to speak honestly and firmly. If he dances around the subject she won't take his concerns seriously and you'll just end up back at option #1.

Long story short, unless it is Mother's Day or her birthday, you deserve a man who is going to make you a priority and put you first.