Note To You Little Sister

Not every boy is a keeper!

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For some reason we think we need a man around. Not even a great husband, good provider, or a man with notable DNA, just someone to fill the silence. Lil’ Sister, you do not need a boyfriend to make you whole, and I have a sneaking suspicion you’re starting to realize that.

First off, there is a very big difference between being completed by your soul mate verses the d-bag from the bar that happens to be tolerable. Every boyfriend you have will not be your partner for life, so enjoy the dating process for what it is - auditions. If you don’t find them likeable, funny, or interesting then what the hell are you doing with them? Thinking they’re hot is not a reason to keep a certified tool around, though it could be compelling. You “enjoy” those guys, not date them for godsake! You can’t force a connection with any boy because you like the attention, and he happens to meet your physical “type” or has the same songs on his ipod.

Lil’ Sister it’s not okay to date a guy you don’t find interesting, nor have anything in common with, sounds like a loser and you want to punch in the face 90% of the time. You just can’t, make that a standard.

Just having a man on your arm will not make you happier. Especially a man you can’t stand. Why add the stress to your life? Look, even prince charming is going to bug the hell out of you once you’re in it for the long haul. Find someone you’re enamored with so you have a head start.

Aside from not having some guy around that annoys you, you'd be amazed by what can be accomplished when you don’t have these time-wasting relationships. Build your empire, grow your career, and learn to complete yourself (hum… “learn to complete yourself” is cheesy, you get the point).
Take all the time you’d spend texting your D-list boyfriend and conquer the world!

Big Sis